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A pastor’s perspective

Sharing God's Word with Mormon Missionaries: A pastor's perspective I was just putting dinner on the table when the doorbell rang. Sunday evenings are not the usual time for salespeople. The nametags and nice dresses gave them away. They were female Mormon missionaries. Immediately my heart started racing. After explaining we were about to eat…
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Joseph’s Testimony

I was raised in the Mormon Church in Utah and served a mission for the Mormon Church from 2004-2006 in Orlando, FL. In that time I was extremely zealous for the religion and probably intimidated a lot of people that I was trying to bring into the religion...
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Nathan’s Testimony

I was daunted at the thought of inviting LDS missionaries over to talk with them. Thousands of questions flew around in my mind, but they always revolved around this one question—what am I going to say?...
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Proclaiming the message of Christ in South Africa

Written by Precious Pono [Note:  Since the Please Open the Door initiative first began in September, Christians from fifteen states and five countries have been coached by Truth in Love Ministry and used our approach to share God’s Word with Mormon missionaries. The following story is from a young lady who lives in South Africa.…
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Cindy’s Testimony

If you’d have asked me five years ago whether or not I would be regularly meeting and sharing the gospel with LDS missionaries I would have laughed at the idea...
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