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Speak the Truth in Love

THE TRUTH IN LOVE APPROACH: SPEAKING THE TRUTH IN LOVE On the home page we gave a brief explanation of our approach. We, along with many others, have successfully utilized this approach for many years. It is described in detail in the book, Speaking the Truth in Love to Mormons. (link to order)  SPEAKING IN…
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Overall Strategy

OVERVIEW OF OUR STRATEGY INTRODUCTION Mormonism is not a Christian religion. It doesn’t lead people to an eternity of bliss in heaven. Rather, it deceives its adherents into believing it is the way to glory - as it shepherds them to hell. Mormons, including Mormon missionaries, desperately need to hear the truth of God’s saving…
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Outline of Visits

Seeing the big picture will help you better understand and appreciate our strategy of building the bridge through repeated visits. Failure to keep the big picture in view often results in becoming frustrated and impatient. First Step – Proactively Requesting a Visit Some people would prefer waiting until LDS missionaries knock on their doors. But…
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Definitions are Crucial!

THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF DEFINITIONS The single biggest factor causing confusion and frustration when speaking with Mormons is the different ways Mormonism and Christianity define words. This commonly results in people talking past each other. You will always need to pay attention to how each of you understands important words. Making Use of the Missionary…
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Learn about the Missionaries

Feel for -Don’t Fear - LDS Missionaries The more people learn about the LDS missionary program and the more they talk with missionaries, the more they realize that the majority of missionaries are not well-versed in the Bible or even in Mormonism. Not only this, but as they hear about the rules these young people…
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How to Request First Visit

An Encouragement to Proactively Request a Visit In the summer of 2013 the LDS Church announced that their missionaries would be spending less time going door to door.  Therefore the chances of having them knock on your door are diminishing. Even before that policy change, we were encouraging people to take the initiative and request…
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What to do on First Visit

Purpose As strange as it might first sound, the purpose of this first visit is primarily not to give a witness.  Rather it is to get to know the missionaries and have them become comfortable with you so that they will return for subsequent visits. We want them to return for two reasons: The more…
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It is vitally important to LDS missionaries that each session begin and end in prayer. They are accustomed to saying the prayers. We strongly suggest that you say the prayers. You could say that since it is your house you would like to say the prayer. Most will readily agree. Following are some sample prayers.…
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