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Testimony: A Mormon’s and Yours

One of the most common things LDS missionaries do is to “bear their testimony”. A testimony is a short statement stating they know certain things are true. The usual things emphasized are: Joseph Smith was a true prophet of God; the Book of Mormon is true; the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is…
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Keep Revelation above Reason

This is a question many haven’t considered, but one that everyone, consciously or unconsciously, has answered. What takes precedence – what rules supreme:  man’s reason or God’s revelation?  To put it another way, what is the ultimate test for truth? That something agrees with man’s reason (this is logical, this makes sense to me) or…
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Building the Pillars of Sin

Keep in Mind Mormonism’s Weak Definition of Sin Whenever you talk about sin, it will be important to remember that the missionaries have a weak view of sin.  (This is true even though they feel they take sin more seriously than Christians do.) Note how the following LDS definition describes sin only in terms of…
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Building the Pillars of Salvation

Part of our strategy is to build a number of different pillars of salvation by talking about salvation in different ways. We have developed a number of ways to do this – ways listed under the tab labeled witnessing tools.  Following are some general points to keep in mind. 1) Mormonism’s definition of salvation differs…
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The Message of “Free” can be Devastating

One of the most profound insights into Mormonism that former Mormons have is how the message of salvation as a free gift often hits Mormons like a sledge hammer when they first hear it. We naturally expect them to feel relief and joy at this great news. But all many hear us saying is that…
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