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Faith and Works: James 2:14-26

Introduction Almost every missionary will eventually refer to this passage – and most bring it up sooner rather than later. They especially like to cite verse 24 to support their belief that works are necessary for salvation: “Ye see then how by works a man is justified, and not by faith alone.”   This verse…
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Illustrations Showing Deadliness of Grace Plus

A mistake many Christians make is saying Mormonism is solely a works-righteous religion.  Mormons are talking more and more about grace. It is more accurate to call it is a grace-plus religion. This is exemplified in a heavily quoted Book of Mormon passage, 2 Nephi 25:23: “for we know that is by grace we are…
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Little Orphan Andy – An Analogy

I like to tell the story of little orphan Andy to illustrate the difference between Mormonism and the Bible. Andy lived in an orphanage. His greatest desire was to be adopted and become part of a family. It is all he could talk about. It is what he thought about every night before he went…
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Jesus’ Revealing Answer to the Rich Young Ruler

Mormons like to point to the story of the rich young man (Matthew 19:16-22) as proof that God wants people to add their works to Jesus’ work of salvation. But that’s not what Jesus told the young man.  As your read the following, look carefully at his words. He doesn’t mention faith at all. This…
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